Community Garden


June 2021

The Coverdale Memorial hall has a sub committee responsible for the field belonging to the hall, which was purchased a couple of years ago. We have re-invigorated this committee with the intention of capturing what local people would like to use the field for and creating an action plan to implement changes. This is the start of that journey and we would like to ensure that our local people are:

1. asked for their input/requirements, as to what they would like to use the field for e.g. sport, football, boules, park, wildlife etc. We will be providing feedback forms at the Foresters Day on the 24th July and Yorkshire Day on the 1st August and further consultation will happen as we progress; 

2. asked to volunteer and get involved, to either be part of the sub committee, or to pick up tasks e.g. to help complete grant applications, plan, schedule and manage specific elements or fund raising as necessary. We are very interested in younger members of the dale as this is a long term investment for their future;

3.  made fully aware of our intentions and plans, we will do this via each parish council in the dale, the bridge magazine, Carlton newsletter,, on the hall notice board and further consultation events.

Are you a local resident who would like to get involved or are happy to submit your ideas? If you require further information please do not hesitate in contacting either:

Andrew Dent -

Lea Taylor -

Nigel Briggs -

Dan Hestletine -

John Herbert -

Serving Food


May 2021

Coverdale Memorial Hall Committee

Are you a resident of Coverdale, with an interest in local facilities who can commit to a few hours per month and looking for a volunteering opportunity?

We Need YOU!

We have great plans to maintain the Coverdale Memorial Hall to be a venue of choice for our community but we need new people with energy, time, commitment and innovative ideas to implement 

Dont hesitate to contact: Lea Taylor – 07977007220