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CLOSING DATE 31st December 2023

The Coverdale Memorial Hall is a key part of the Coverdale Community and we open this competition to those near and far to enter pictures/photographs of Coverdale and life within it.

There are 3 categories: 

Under Age 12

Age 13 - 18

Age 19+

Submissions should be sent to one of the following people:

John Herbert  - Abbots Thorn, Carlton, DL8 4AY – Tel 01969 640620

Caroline Harrison, Hill Top Farm, West Scrafton, Leyburn DL8 4RU – Tel 01969 640663

Lea Taylor, Peartree Cottage, Melmerby, DL8 4TW – Tel 07977007220

The pictures will be judged at a coffee morning in the new year.

The community attending, will be given one vote per category, to select the winning entry. 

The style of photograph/picture along with choice of materials is entirely open to allow for creative creations.

The winners will receive a cash prize along with their picture being installed into the Coverdale Memorial Hall for all the community to enjoy.

Unsuccessful photos and pictures will be available for collection after the judging.

Please provide a Self-Addressed Envelope if you would like them posting back to you.

Applicants will need to complete the form below to submit with their entry.

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